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Well, one more week remains and it's almost time for me to pack my things and start up my two month settlement in the Kalos Region, it is there where I will make my Pokémon Army from Unova and beyond venture there at December 27th, and they will then begin the HOSTILE TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD MWAHAHA!!!

But seriously, I am fuckin' stoked for this game, watching anything pokemon during the last week, and I'm shaking with excitement, I'm going to enter that phase where I will play the game and won't stop until I beat it. :D

I wonder if any of you who still check this DA Page also plays pokes, lemme know, I wanna battle, battling is where it's all at! :D
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Title says it all, good fuckin' lord, this takes a little more time than I originally anticipated, I guess the big thing that doesn't help is that I'm too heavily distracted by other shit to wanna finish what I'm doing.





Oh, and in other news, my town's flooded. I'm sure some of ya heard about it. YAAAAAAAAAAAY, CALGARY GOT IT'S FIRST NATURAL DISASTER, and we're fuckin' champs!!! YEYEAAAAAH... ... ... though the backlash of all of it is going to hurt for a while.

Song of Storms, why you be trollin'?
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  • Playing: Pokémon Platinum
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Hello, it's me, Jaymonius.

Welllll, I did it again, I've as the title says, entered the realm of hypocracy. What am I being a hypocrite about this time?
Fan games, I hated them, usually because whenever I seen a fan game a majority of the time it's about putting themselves
in the game getting the heroine/hero, or just de-railing the series to a point of me just saying "No, just no."

But, now I'm in the process of making a fan game of my own, of what? Well, I think the answer is pretty obvious based on some
of the sprites I've made in the last little while, and the funniest part is, I wouldn't of done all of this if I hadn't noticed the
Starter Pack for RPG Maker XP.

So yeah, I'm making a Pokémon Fangame. The funniest part is, I had such a high momentum in making this fangame, I ended
up making a 30+ hour game. Within' the course of 2 weeks, that's pretty impressive record, aside from when I made Phantasia 1
on rm2k back in 2002. :P

The name of it is called Pokémon Dark Shade/Bright Lunar. I made the Dark Shade version, I'm going to be a little reluctant to
make the Bright Lunar version because there is no online scripts to do trading or anything, thanks to the guys who made the
Pokémon Starter Kit, it was a brilliant thing to do, and it gave me that urge to make the fan game, I mostly just threw in what
came into my head, nothing too big. A simple game to be honest, I put me(Jaymonius), Azura, White Nekos and Icrangirl are
trainers in the game too, so you can see what kind of Pokes we like using when we play the actual game.  

I'm going to be making more of it before I decide to think about whether or not on releasing it, it's mostly just a random urge that
exploded saying "OMG, FANGAME MAKING TIME!" But chances are I'll release it.

Anyway, an actual Journal Entry for once!? BLASPHEMY!
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  • Reading: Agarest War Instruction Booklet
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Black (Again)
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  • Drinking: Pepsi Retro
I am just randomly posting something here.





  • Listening to: Legend of Heroes: Sora No Kiseki OST
  • Reading: Agarest War Instruction Booklet
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Black (Again)
  • Eating: Food at Original Joes
  • Drinking: Pepsi Retro
I am just randomly posting something here.





  • Listening to: Legend of Heroes: Sora No Kiseki OST
  • Reading: Agarest War Instruction Booklet
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Black (Again)
  • Eating: Food at Original Joes
  • Drinking: Pepsi Retro
In short, I'm doing a little advertising today.




In short, for those who are making RPG's in RPG Maker or whatever and have seen/played any of my games in the past and want in on a little of the action, request a hero of yours to be put into my game and I'll check it out, however, keep in mind that I don't accept rips (of heroes from actual commercial games or anime or whatever.) or default RPG maker heroes, but I'd so love to have Alex as a hero for hire, but alas, no.

Anyone who wants to give it a shot write it down below and I'll be sure to check it out.
  • Listening to: Legend of Heroes: Sora No Kiseki OST
  • Reading: Agarest War Instruction Booklet
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Black (Again)
  • Eating: Food at Original Joes
  • Drinking: Pepsi Retro
I swear, I am feelin' like that King Midas guy in those stories, except the thought of turning things to gold, it's more like I am completing my objectives and getting the things I always wanted to get, but I don't know... it would seem like I am missing something... some kind of thought of emptiness.

Is this some sort of phase at this point in time? Should I be worried!? I pray this kind of feelin' doesn't stick around for long, because it could dampen my spirits and render progress down to a minimum. W-What am I to do in such situations!? AM I GOING INSANE!? UWAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

...I'm bored.
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  • Playing: Record of Agarest War: Zero
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  • Drinking: Pepsi Retro
I am sure on a roll today, I am addin' random art of doom and I am just on nothin' but this new Pepsi retro stuff... I can somewhat see a difference, yet I can't. I must do more progress until my being tired status kicks in! >8D

So this Journal will be pretty darn short.

  • Listening to: Grandia Music
  • Reading: Magic Witch Detective
  • Watching: School Rumble
  • Playing: Persona 3 Portable
  • Eating: Ritz Peanut Butter Sandviches
  • Drinking: Pepsi

Yeah, I got that P3P game, I'm a little edgey as to if I'm going to be crazily addicted to playing this or, brush it off. But it all wasn't a waste... I GOT ME A NEW HAT, YAY! ^_________^;;;;;;
  • Listening to: Megaman Soccer Music... I don't know why...
  • Reading: Magic Witch Detective
  • Watching: Last time I checked... porn...
  • Playing: Saga Frontier
  • Eating: Food, I'll die if I don't.
  • Drinking: 1 Pepsi... 2 Pepsi... 3 Pepsi... 4 Pepsi...
Yay, new avatar to amuse myself with for a while. :D

Anyway... so instead of saying that. I have been on vacation for a week from the hell hole known as work. Went to a anime-con this week. To be honest, it was a little bleh this year. But since my buddy Shinji needed some assistance in the video game room, I was happy to oblige, since its the video game room, the most exciting area in the con.
I probably wouldn't think so negatively if the damn TD Bank Machine didn't eat my card, and my PSP screen gets cracked due to my own stupidity.

I nearly won the Street Fighter 4 tourney there... but if a certain SQUIGI didn't become so good and kick the crap out of me, I would've won! I'm still giving you that evil glare Tom... =w= Speaking of, if you happen to read this don't forget the two requests I made.

Let's see... what else... what did I get from the con? I got me a big Azumanga pillow. Tis' useful... some DVD's and Xenosaga II, now I have all 3. Yay. (It'll be a long time before I get into that series... ) And something gave me a bit of a chuckle when I was there, while at Otafest, I was drawing random pictures. (Mostly P5 pics.) And a few commented me on the Elmyra pic, which was weird... I told them I wasn't in artist alley or anything, its just there. I ended up giving the pic to Shinji's buddy, she liked it as well.

... I was like... weird... O_o; Never had that happen before... Anyhoo, that be it.
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  • Watching: There is better stuff than TV you know.
  • Playing: Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Eating: Seriously, try Butter Chicken, its so good.
  • Drinking: *Looks at all the Pepsi cans in room*
I've been playin' Heart Gold a little too much... hell... as soon as it came out I dropped FFXIII and started playing Heart Gold... its like Disgaea 2 all over again. Damn it.

And to top it all off, I've been watching all the movies again, I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back. (Not bad of a movie, in fact it is probably the only one I liked so far.) The rest of the movies weren't up to standards. Especially Pokemon 4Ever... at the end, all I had was total rage at the end... I mean... C'MON, WHAT THE FUCK!?

The Jirachi movie wasn't... BAD... but it wasn't good either. Now I'll be watching more movies today, and probably tomorrow too. And then keep trainin' my pokemen so I can be ready for the BS Battle Pokemon Tournament... 2. And future tournaments that will most likely be held within' the next couple of months.

So far my team is:
Typhlosion (Vulcan)
Ampheros (Sheep Man)
Tyrantitar (Tyrant, but going to rename him to Reptar)
Furret (Fury)
Gardevior (Thanatos)
Dragonite (Draconia)

In the last tournament I still used the Dragonite and Furret. But the rest is different. I usually stick with my starter, because that's just how I do things. (Plus BS Battle rules state we need to fight with our starter, no legendaries.) Well, hopefully this Pokemon craze in me dies down soon, I got a final battle video of Star Ocean to finish, and await the ever loving Record of Agarest War. Some of you know what THAT game is. Heh heh heh.
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  • Reading: FFXIII player's guide
  • Watching: TV sucks
  • Playing: FFXIII and Sands of Destruction
  • Eating: Butter Chicken mmm
  • Drinking: Pepsi, I'm going to die a young age.
Wow... that's all I can really say.

I was lucky when I did my pre-order of the game a couple weeks back, I bought it for my PS3. Wise choice, but I hear that the 360 version is just a little better for speed wise... or something.

I seen so many familiar faces when I went to pick up my copy today, it was scawy... X_X; SO FOLKS, who's enjoyin' their precious FFXIII's today? Having fun rotating the camera to look at the girls... um... I'll stop there...

Needless to say, I'll admit this game is certainly a whole lot better than FFXII. I just couldn't get myself to beat FFXII because it was so... boring. I wasn't captivated by the system, story line was sorta good, but it was just not good at all. I find that FFXIII is the apology for the traditional FF fans.

My favorite character so far is Sazh, I'm trying to identify his voice actor, but I just can't get it off the top of my head.

Vanille reminds me of a Sniper gone female in TF2... weird.
The rest of the characters seem cliche to me, not that I don't mind the cliche thing. Hehe.

But yes, ENJOY YOUR FFXIII's because Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver comes out on Sunday... push your shameful side to the sidelines, cause this game is gonna roxors the boxors.
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  • Watching: Who watches TV these days?
  • Playing: Castlevania: Rebirth
  • Eating: Mother's food
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Christ I'm bored... what do others do when they're bored? I usually either sleep or find something to ease the boredom... I hate the fact that January's line-up of games to conquer is in fact a very dull list... well... if you're me anyway. :3

The only notable game that caught my eye for January is Sands of Destruction, but I haven't looked much into it. Booooooooooooooored...
  • Listening to: Atelier Iris 1-3 soundtracks (epic man)
  • Reading: Star Ocean: Last Hope Player's Guide... what?
  • Watching: Haven't watched TV for a month now...?
  • Playing: Disgaea 3 Super Castlevania IV
  • Eating: Bentos
  • Drinking: Pepsi, what else?
Holy crap, a entry... from MEzors!

I really need to do more entries more often on this lovely site, to tell about my problems, my dilemmas and mostly... my sincere rage and despair... ahhh, who am I kiddin' I have very little of those, ha ha.

Let's see... what is there to discuss... P5 is now on its 3rd year of production (christ, hurry up and finish you stupid game, people want this thing to be released already.) I've been addicted to Disgaea 3 as of late, but the addiction is starting to wear off, it wasn't as big as when I was playing Disgaea 2 on my PSP, I was playin' that one non-stop for hours on end... and it was AWESOME!

Playthroughs wise... I have finished Mana Khemia 2 on youtube a couple months back, and was getting to Tales of Hearts, but with the whole Chirstmas Season thing here, it makes me lose my desire to work on anything. My next major playthrough in mind is leaning to either Ar Tonelico 2, or Atelier Iris 2... oh the choices... *_*

What else in the J-Cave... uhhh *looks around* nothing comes to mind, being the wonderful hypocrite that I am I probably won't make another entry til' i'm 50, so I wish you all a Happy Christmas and that other stuff. And hope you enjoy watching both my submissions and my videos... cause I know there are a lot of you on YT who've found this account... and the opposite holds true... so keep watchin' and stuff...

And now back to the J-Dungeon... I mean J-Cave... oh wait...
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  • Watching: Nothing, TV sucks.
  • Playing: Persona 3, Final Fantasy XII
  • Eating: Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Its been almost a full year since I made an update, I haven't made anything to compensate for this moment. I know I haven't been makin' much progression on DA, mostly because I'm busy with LPing on Youtube, or workin' on my game, which I don't have much time to work on due to work related issues.

But as of late here is what I've been up to, I've been workin' on P5's character development and spriting, I'm tryin' to find a good artist for my game, but luck isn't on my side as of late, and I haven't heard from my music composer for months, meaning he has moved on in life, which I will respect him for.

Aside from the game making scene, I have been workin' and workin' tirelessly for months with little break and favorable reward for it. During my free time I just browse the net, maybe continue my LPing or work on a little bit of a game.

I'm not doing a LP of it, but lately I've been juggling between FFXII and Persona 3. I didn't like them both at first then I really got into the games, I guess it takes more then one go to get into those games eh?

Well, that be it for now, I hope I can try and submit something here in the next little while. Toodles!
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  • Playing: Wild Arms 5
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WELL, haven't made a Journal Entry in ages... well... here is the update(s).

Phantasia 4 was finished like a few months ago... its on check around there.

My other project Phantasia Remake is close to having a new demo for players to enjoy... full attention has been brought to that one since I finished P4.

I'm lovin' my new profile pics and stuff... its great to see the characters I drew in the past come to life with color and shtuff. :D

I wanna finish drawing the other cast for my Lost Land Legends Series.

-Brad [done, gotta upload]
-Dark Brad
-Rezard [He's hard to do]

Ohhh the list could go on, but those are the more important characters I wanna see made and colorized. :D
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  • Playing: Growlanser II
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Just posting a new video of my new game.…

It's gonna be light years before this one is finished, because I still need to finish P4.
  • Listening to: Tales of Destiny Remake soundtrack
  • Reading: Car Book
  • Watching: Nohtin'
  • Playing: Growlanser II
  • Eating: A&W
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Well, things have definately gone a bit better... I'm currently readin' my liscence book so I can learn to drive... which will be a step closer to me moving out of my house. :D

And I finally got some of those hard-to-find games as well. I got Growlanser Generations, Disgaea 1 and Star Ocean: The Second Story, the Star Ocean and Growlanser were my main interest, but I got Disgaea so I can return my friend's copy and I can get my Star Ocean 3 game back.

Social life though... it decreases little by little... oh well... I guess sacrifices have to be made. :( I'm happy with the friends I have now... (majority are on msn, though some have dissapeared...) >.>

*eats Werther's Original* These are soo good =^_^=  *ahem* anyhoo...

The spriting department seems to have improved more since now I am able to make spritesheets and shtuff, as to what is seen with Max and Celia, I just need to add a few more poses, but that'll be later.

I still need to find spriters to help me make monsters and other shtuff... and now maybe an normal artist... :P

Life in Airdrie isn't so bad... as soon as I get that liscence... the quiet life is cooler... get to hear the  train's go by during the night (when I'm at home during the night, since I am used to workin' nightshift now.) *sigh* But it gets sooooo lonely here. X_x;;;;

Well... that be it. :D Toodles.
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  • Reading: Nutin
  • Watching: Nutin
  • Playing: Final Fantasy 12...(patience decreasing)
  • Eating: Nothin'
  • Drinking: Nothin'
Hurrah, the demo is out. :D…
more information on the site.

And yaaaaay, over 500 views, i feel so proud of myself *_*

That be it from J-Man. :D
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  • Reading: Nutin
  • Watching: Digimon
  • Playing: Tales of the Abyss
  • Eating: Snack Crackers
  • Drinking: Pepsi
Yeah, its gettin' official I'm homesick, 15 minutes away from Calgary, but feels like days away ;_;

Startin' to miss the buds back at my hometown, Eric, Joey, Jon, Rod, Jess, Shirleen, Cheryl, Alicia, Ryan, hell the whole lot of em' :D

I been wanting to see a certain someone as well, one of the doodette's mentioned above... can ya guess who? ;)

I am SOOOOOOOOOO gonna be findin' a house to rent down in Calgary somewhere. dood :D

Other news... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY 50% done in Phantasia 4 finally, main story is only the 40% it has another 25 to cover, while another 10 is the rest of my skills and stuff, while the remaining is my sidequests dood.

Spriting is slowing down a bit lately, I have been workin' and such and been a lil' preoccupied with my games, Tales of the Abyss, Disgaea 2, and my need to play Wild Arms 3 and Alter Code again.

That be it from J-Man Revolution dood, toodles.